Useful and Important Information


Food and Drink

You will have a delicious breakfast and dinner, (and lunch for longer trips) here, but please remember to tell us in advane if you are vegetarian or have any allergies. It is important, even in the winter, to bring plenty of drinking water. (at least 2 bottles per person for a long day.)

With Children

The trips are not demanding and the conditions here appropriate for children. Many children of all ages have been here and had a wonderful time.

Solo Travellers

It is something of a problem to come on your own. The trips and the camp is built for groups, and if you are alone it will be very expensive. If you get in touch in advance, we can try to arrange for you to a join another group.
(We run a volunteer program, where you can come for a longer period and help out in the camp and stay in the camp or in the village. Contact us for more information)

How to get Here and Away

The best way is by bus. Busses in Jordan are safe, fast and modern, and usually prompt. Sometimes they may wait for the bus to fill up before they leave.
Bus to the Village. There are a few busses directly to the village: Wadi Rum is off the highway from Amman to Aqaba.
From Aqaba there is a bus at 12 from the bus station near the police station.
From Wadi Musa (Petra) there is a bus at 6 am. (you should ask your hostel to book it for you.)

From the Highway
There are also many busses to the highway, Al-Rushdiyya junction, from where it easy to catch a ride or a taxi to the visitor center. The bedouin are happy to pick you up from there and travellers, (including women solo) have had no problems making it the village. If you do have trouble catching a ride, you can give us a call or send an SMS and we can arrange a ride.
From Amman there are busses from the southern bus station every hour to Aqaba, and ask the driver to stop at al Rushdiyya. (7-10 JD) There are also service taxis from the same station for 10JD each (4 people).
From Aqaba all the busses that go north - to Amman, Ma'an, Kuweira, Wadi Musa, etc, pass by Al-Rushdiyye. The cost is between 1-2 JD.

We can arrange a taxi for you from anywhere in Jordan to and from Wadi Rum. We have a good deal with the taxi companies and can arrange a good price.

To or from Aqaba - 20 JD per taxi (up to 4 people)

From the Arava Border Crossing from Eilat - 30 JD per taxi (up to 4 people)

From/to Petra - 35 JD (also per taxi)

What to Bring

Bedouin Life tours will provide everything you need for an overnight stay - mattresses, blankets and pillows. If you prefer you can bring a sleeping bag. In the summer the nights are warm, but it can become quite chilly towards morning. In the winter it is very cold, so bring a warm sleeping bag if you want to.

Wear cofortable shoes and clothes, and remember to bring a hat, a water bottle and sunscreen. If you re going by jeep or camel, hiking boots are not necessary.